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Written by Helena on November 11, 2019

On November 10 I had the chance to meet Kaya at the Wicked Is Good convention. I attended the private meeting session with a few other fans and could ask her many questions about her next projects. Find the “interview” down below! 

PSA : Do not reproduce or use without KSD’s permission.

KSD: Congratulations on your nomination at the NFA Awards for your role in Crawl. What was it like to work all day long in water?

Kaya: Thank you! Working 14 hours a day in water was awful. It was exhausting, I was tired, starving, dirty all day long. Fortunately my mom was with me.

KSD: How do you feel when the camera starts rolling? Is it a weird feeling?

Kaya: Strangely it’s when I feel the most comfortable. The camera creates a silence and a peace in my head, because I’m not me anymore. I don’t have to worry about my problems or paying bills or fighting with my husband. I’m just someone else in that moment. The other stuff, the other side of being an actress is what I struggle with: the fame, the pressure and having to seem perfect when nobody is. But when the camera’s rolling it’s peaceful for me. It’s strange, it feels like therapy or an out-of-body experience because my brain switches off and the other person’s switching on.

KSD: Which actors would you like to work with next?

Kaya: I love Helen Mirren, I think she’s amazing and I love her more than anything. Olivia Colman, she’s about to do The Queen on The Crown, I think she’s brilliant. I also really want to work with female directors, it’s what I want to do next. All the women!

Then someone asked her about Spinning Out (coming out on Netflix on January 1st 2020) and if it would be available on Netflix France and I casually answered yes, because… Well it’s Kaya Scodelario, they will. And Kaya said: “She said yes. She’s emailing Netflix now.”

KSD: Do you have any news about the project “The King’s Daughter”, in which you met your husband?

Kaya: No, I don’t know what happened to it! I shot it maybe six years ago in France in Versailles (KSD: I would love to see it). Me too, I’d love to see it! It’s a shame because it was a beautiful movie and we shot in the hall of mirrors. It’s strange.

KSD: What is something you wish people knew about you?

Kaya: That I’m approachable. It’s really lovely that fans will say that I’m their idol and things like that but the truth is no one should be your idol. You should be your own idol, you have that within yourself. I really wish all the young girls would really love themselves a little bit more. It’s great that they feel that I can give that to them but I wish they knew they’re beautiful and amazing already. They don’t need that from me.

KSD: Do you remember any of the figures you learnt a few months ago for Spinning Out?

Kaya: Yeah hmm… I was supposed to keep training and I haven’t had time so now I’m really worried that I’m gonna be at the beginning again. I started like, really basic, I was holding on the sides and by the end I could go backwards so I’m hoping I still can.

KSD: Can you do any of the complicated stunts?

Kaya: No. That takes years. I feel like we’re not going to even pretend that we did that because that’s super disrespectful to the people who have been training their whole life. “I’m an actor, I can learn that in three months!”. So no. It was also really dangerous, the stunts that they do are incredibly difficult and Netflix wouldn’t let us anyway. So anything skating related is us and the stunts are doubles.

KSD: Do you like period dramas, since you’re doing The Pale Horse for the BBC?

Kaya: In England it’s a tradition at Christmas to watch an Agatha Christie show with your family. They usually show one part on Christmas day and the next day it’s the second part and it’s a really iconic British thing. So I’ve always wanted to do one in memory of my grandma cause I know she would love to so that’s kind of why I did it, cause I wanted to be on the Christmas show. But I do like period dramas! It was set in the sixties which I love, that was really cool to play.

KSD: Please do more of that!

Kaya: Okay, I will! (laughs)

Interview by Helena (10/11/19). All rights reserved.

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