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Written by Helena on June 08, 2019

This article has been translated from french to english by me. Do not take it without permission.

In this Ritz suite, Kaya Scodelario clashs a little among the mouldings and armchairs in blue satin: something in her gesture and in her almost aristocratic headwear blends very well with the decor, but her look says something else. Brut, almost severe. No tongues.

In the British drama ‘Skins’, where she played Effy, the sensitive teenager who fascinated all girls her age, Kaya Scodelario is always where we don’t expect her to be. At just 27, the beautiful Anglo-Brazilian already has 16 feature films, a wedding and a child on the clock, and she has no plans to slow down the pace. This year, she is once again moving the cursor with Extremely Wicked, shockingly Evil and Vile, Joe Berlinger’s biopic on serial killer Ted Bundy, which is just coming out on Netflix. She plays Carol Ann Boone, the murderer’s last wife before he was executed in 1989 in Florida, and got pregnant with him while he was already on death row. To prepare for the role, Kaya sees rare interviews with Carol Ann: “She voluntarily disappeared after her husband’s execution, I never got to talk to her. It’s complicated because I had a responsibility to her, I had to represent her honestly. With the archives, I was able to learn his body language and understand his voice.” She also met several women who had become infatuated with criminals while they were behind bars: “They have always fascinated me, there is something so human in it.”

By taking on this role, the actress wanted to do something different. Even more astonishing: to see her at the casting of Alexandre Aja’s new UFO horror film Crawl, in cinemas in July, where she faces alligators in a lost house in Florida: “I wanted my son to see a movie where I don’t kiss anyone, where I’m not someone’s wife or girlfriend. And where I’m fighting.” The actress has things to say about the place of women in Hollywood, and she may well be one of those who will change the game in the future. “I want to produce. It’s always been my dream. I meet so many women who have the ideas, the talent and the abilities, but who are being shut out. I’d like to work with them, build something from A to Z.”

Kaya Scodelario has the ideas and the principles. Until now, she had never officially lent her image to a brand. This year, she finally decided to get involved with Cartier. “I wanted to be sure that I was adhering to the company’s ethics. I think this is very important.” After launching “Clash” in Paris, the new Cartier jewelry line she plays, she set off for ice skating training for Spinning Out, a new Netflix series where she plays a young figure skater.

This is the first time in almost ten years that it has returned to the serial format. “Things have changed a lot. I was pretty worried about the pace of the shooting, but finally I liked being thrown right into it. I’m lucky to have a rather intuitive game.” She owes it to Skins in 2007, where she played a teenage girl. A double-edged exercise for a 14-year-old girl. “I’ve lived through it for a long time. Every actor has. We played teenagers of our age who fell in love and had broken hearts and we lived the same thing. It was probably a little therapeutic. It certainly helped me develop a very frontal game.”

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